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How to Determine Accurate Property Values in Today’s Environment

Currently, the biggest challenge many people are facing in our industry is determining accurate property values without overinsuring or underinsuring. An undesirable confluence of high construction costs – driven by extreme labor shortages and elevated material costs, conflicting messaging from a variety of construction cost indices, prolonged economic uncertainty, and a continuing pattern of natural […]

Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Appraisal

We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with incredible clients in the field day in and day out. We are proud to have provided a detailed valuation of member utilities with a specific allocation of all process equipment values and collection of unique secondary data for underwriting for the Kentucky League of Cities. […]

Facility & Administrative Cost Calculations

With the recent Fed interest rate increases and the impending recession, money is tighter than ever before. Every institution must have adequate support when it comes to their F&A reimbursements, especially when the economy is weak and money is tight.  Below are a few examples of what we have seen with higher education F&A costs:  […]

VRSA Insurance Appraisal

Like many of their insureds, this member owns and operates a complex wastewater treatment facility. Understanding the treatment processes and how to accurately record and value them is what our team does best. There is no “shortcut” methodology for the proper valuation of water and wastewater assets – they require years of industry-specific experience and […]

Do the Skyrocketing Construction Costs Have you Down?

The headlines arrive almost weekly – construction and related costs simply have not let up their historic, relentless march upward. Do the skyrocketing construction costs have you down?  Why Construction Prices are Rising  There are numerous reasons for these uphill trends including:  Disrupted supply chains Unprecedented government infusions into an already chugging economy Sustained periods […]

Why is Tracking Equipment Difficult & Important?

Did you know that equipment moves at the speed of sound? Making it extremely difficult, tedious, and overwhelming to track. Why is Tracking Equipment Difficult:   Lack of resources: There’s a lack of resources provided to asset and property departments, requiring more manpower for comprehensive inventory management.  Lack of compliance: Departments are unwilling to follow […]

Employee Spotlight: Mariana Traetta

At HCA, we believe that our driven team and incredible clients are what set us apart. Over the next few months, we will be featuring different members of our team, so you can get to know the people that make us who we are.  This month, we are featuring Mariana Traetta.  Mariana has been a […]

Locate Your Assets Faster with Our User-Friendly KEPR Capital Asset Inventory Software

Capital asset inventory is an essential part of your organization’s asset valuation and compliance. HCA Asset Management has been a trusted provider of these services for two decades. That trust originates from the responsibility we take on to deliver confidence that our clients’ capital asset inventory is completed with accuracy, and with minimal disruption to […]

Why is Capital Asset Reconciliation Important

Reconciliation is an important part of capital asset management. At HCA, we believe that reconciliation is a critical step in the inventory process because it ensures that the most accurate data possible is delivered. Once all buildings have been visited with a first pass and you still have items unaccounted for, it’s time for reconciliation […]

Employee Spotlight: Mike Fister

At HCA, we believe that our driven team and incredible clients are what set us apart.  Our team is energetic and self-motivated, always looking for ways to learn and improve. At HCA, we believe that support is key to creating a strong team, and we work together to support one another through humility, trust, and […]