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Our Work in the Field

The Capital Asset Management reports below are accomplished through clean inventory data, and peer institution comparisons.

Acme University

HERD rank #XX; $399,931 R&D expenditures
Acme University “as is” equipment lives

Acct TypeNBV% ValueCurrent Life
Lab and Related Equip$355,670,854.4778.80%10
Mainframe and server$28,156,503.636.24%10
Lab and related equip$58,133,894.6912.88%50
Tooling and heavy equip$3,569,113.000.79%10
Desktop or related equip$517,904.210.11%5
Remaining eq$4,391,229.860.97%Various
nbv all$451,368,603.53100%

University of Acme

HERD rank #YY; $1,353,763 R&D expenditures
University of Acme (no hospital or clinical equip)

Acct TypeNBV% ValueCurrent Life
Lab and Related Equip$61,501,434.0037.73%10
Mainframe, network etc.$26,265,709.0016.11%5
microscope, spectro etc.$34,824,877.0021.36%7
photometer, sonar etc.$10,736,973.006.59%8
non inv etc.$20,343,192.0012.48%15
purification, sterilizer etc.$4,748,573.002.91%12
Remaining eq$4,583,133.002.81%Various
nbv all$163,003,891.00100%

Capitalize vs. Expense, that is the question…

What do you do when the acquisition isn’t black and white? Download our free guide to help walk you through the capitalization process.

A customized capital asset approach to help you gain your confidence back

Capital assets represent one of the largest lines on your balance sheet – you need to trust that they are accurate.

Our Capital Asset Inventory services provide a field staff of specialists and proprietary software to verify the data of your qualifying assets. Our valuation experts leverage their extensive experience in your industry to support inventory control and reporting requirements while providing cost accounting valuations and financial reconciliation for owned and managed assets.

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