Employee Spotlight: Mariana Traetta

June 6, 2022

Our Team
employee spotlight

At HCA, we believe that our driven team and incredible clients are what set us apart. Over the next few months, we will be featuring different members of our team, so you can get to know the people that make us who we are. 

This month, we are featuring Mariana Traetta. 

Mariana has been a part of the HCA team for a little over three years and is a huge asset to our team. She has a background in higher education and worked as the Financial Analyst for the University of Kansas for close to 12 years, giving her a deep understanding of what many of our higher education clients face on a daily basis. 

Mariana started with us as a Director and was recently promoted in February to the VP of Operations for our Capital Asset Management and Consulting practice. With her wealth of knowledge in the higher education space and expertise in capital asset management and consulting, we are excited to see the incredible things that she will bring to the Executive Team and accomplish. She’s truly awesome to work with, and we’re so lucky to have her on our team!  

Below are a few questions we asked Mariana, so you can get to know her better. 

What is your favorite part about working at HCA?

“Can I pick 5? The camaraderie, the family culture, the trust & autonomy, approachability, the diversity of projects/clients, our core values, etc. Love our team and what we stand for.”

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to for work? 

“We have quite a few projects in NYC, which is always awesome to visit. But having a background working in higher ed I always enjoy visiting different university campuses, love experiencing different college atmospheres, buildings, food, etc.”

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing for fun? 

“Love to read, travel for fun, spend time outdoors, watch sports (Go KC Chiefs & Kansas Jayhawks), and love to swim, bike & run (and participate in triathlons!). Lately, I have also been spending lots of time with my family (mom, dad & brother) who just moved here from Brazil (where I’m from) after living apart for 20+ years. So, enjoying some of Mama Sandra’s cooking right now 😊”

You can learn more about Mariana and reach out to her here with any questions you may have regarding her role and capital asset management.