Asset Management for Government Entities

September 15, 2021

Capital Asset Management
asset management for government

When it comes to asset management for government entities, we have extensive experience. Better data means better outcomes for your public entity, and we’re here to get you exactly that. 


According to GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association), “Capital assets include major government facilities, infrastructure, equipment and networks that enable the delivery of public sector services. The performance and continued use of these capital assets is essential to the health, safety, economic development and quality of life of those receiving services.”

GFOA’s recommendations for asset management for government entities: 

Source: GFOA

At HCA, we can help you:

We provide a team of experienced valuation consultants familiar with capital equipment, infrastructure, land, and facilities to complete physical inventories utilizing our proprietary software. We offer fully trained staff to physically verify and collect the pertinent data points of all qualifying assets.

The updated baseline inventory of assets and financial reports produce audit confidence and compliance. Our team has completed inventory and valuation engagements for numerous public entities, resulting in clean, unmodified audit results. Accurate asset data reduces the risk of overpayment of insurance, increases depreciation accuracy, and reduces the risk of audit findings.

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