Benefits of Using a Fixed Asset Inventory System

June 23, 2021

Capital Asset Management
asset inventory system

Fixed asset accounting is often a daunting task. We have assembled a team of asset accounting experts to create the most user-friendly and flexible asset inventory system available. 

Meet KEPR. 

KEPR was developed in house out of the need for a reliable tool to capture inventory data but also accommodate a host of clients including: 

Benefits of using an asset inventory system like KEPR:

Get confidence on demand 

KEPR is an accurate, efficient, and user-friendly way to provide audit confidence.

Avoid inaccurate data

45% of your capital asset data is likely inaccurate, incomplete, or missing. 

Inaccurate data can mean audits, operational interruptions, compliance violations, or even paying insurance on assets that are no longer in your possession. 

Get access to the system wherever you are

With KEPR, you can complete capital asset inventories in the field with your tablet or laptop for real-time updates.

Trust that KEPR was made for you

After being in use and fully tested internally at HCA for over four years, we realized that our current and future clients could gain a significant amount of benefit using the platform in conjunction with our services. KEPR allows you to:

Get efficient and affordable tracking

KEPR is made to minimize disruption. Some features include: 

Want-easy-to-use software that reduces the complexity of asset inventory? Then KEPR is for you. Reach out to us today to learn more and to get started.