Facility & Administrative Cost Calculations

July 18, 2022

Capital Asset Management

With the recent Fed interest rate increases and the impending recession, money is tighter than ever before.

Every institution must have adequate support when it comes to their F&A reimbursements, especially when the economy is weak and money is tight. 

Below are a few examples of what we have seen with higher education F&A costs: 

In some cases, your institution may have seen significant spending on student housing or non-research-related facilities. This type of spending can adversely affect rate calculations, and you may just need a team to help you maintain current rate levels. 

In other cases, your institution may have spent money on building new research-related facilities, and your team recognizes the opportunity to increase F&A recoveries. 

If your organization has experienced either of these instances, then it may be time to talk. At HCA, we ensure that your specific challenges are met with specific solutions. 

Our capital asset reconciliation process is designed to make your job easier. Our reports are easy to use and seamlessly integrated into your systems. To learn more about our capital asset management services, reach out to our expert, Greg Sheahan, here.