How Valuation Methodology Impacts Outcomes

October 26, 2021

Insurance Appraisals
valuation methodology

Just as apples are not oranges, there are often significant differences in appraisal services designed for large property programs and/or insurers. Frequently (and mistakenly!) viewed more as a homogeneous commodity than a customized service, insurance appraisals can take on many forms with varying complexity, level of detail, and cadence. Understanding and anticipating these issues before diving in is critical to the eventual outcomes.

Let’s peek at a few common variables:

Property to include:


Reflecting back on the last 20-30 years in this industry, it is easy to say the old ways are gone for good. Waiting 10-15 years between appraisals of your property is simply not good business.  

Today, most of HCA’s clients follow industry best-practice guidelines of having property reappraised every three to seven years. Additionally, it is important to update the exposures annually to reflect changes in construction cost. This annual “trending” eliminates surprises between cycles and keeps property insured to value.

If it’s been a while since your last complete property appraisal, invest a few minutes upfront in exploring your options with experienced professionals. We’d love to hear your story—and then tell you ours! Learn more and reach out to us here.