Locate Your Assets Faster with Our User-Friendly KEPR Capital Asset Inventory Software

June 1, 2022

Capital Asset Management
inventory tracking software

Capital asset inventory is an essential part of your organization’s asset valuation and compliance. HCA Asset Management has been a trusted provider of these services for two decades. That trust originates from the responsibility we take on to deliver confidence that our clients’ capital asset inventory is completed with accuracy, and with minimal disruption to department personnel, throughout their organization. HCA’s ability to balance accuracy and efficiency is driven by the use of technology throughout the process. 

HCA has long been a software-enabled service, leveraging our proprietary HITS asset tracking software to create efficiency in our process while generating accurate reporting that our clients can easily integrate into their accounting protocols. After 10 years of internal use and R&D, we’ve taken another big step forward with the client rollout of KEPR (pronounced “keeper”), a collaborative capital asset inventory software that dramatically improves efficiency for everyone involved. 

KEPR Supports an Unusually Pleasant Capital Asset Inventory Process

The outcomes of timely, accurate, and auditable capital asset inventory are essential for higher education, healthcare, and government institutions. But, getting to those necessary outcomes can be time-consuming and often redirects the time and attention of skilled personnel from high-value activities to the tedious task of locating ‘stuff’. 

HCA has eased that burden for our clients with tagging, barcode scanning, and more advanced RFID technology. With KEPR, we’ve now centralized all that value in a way that empowers our team and our clients with the most efficient platform for locating assets without the process being overwhelming.

Why KEPR is a Keeper for Accounting & Property Control Professionals

KEPR is the only browser-first (or browser-focused) asset tracking software that is simple, helpful, and intelligent. 

It’s simple in that it’s intuitive for anyone on your team to use without having to download an app. It’s helpful because it gives you the fastest time to inventory while maintaining accuracy and minimizing staff disruption. Lastly, it’s intelligently designed to work with you and your existing financial management system; while also integrating with commonly-used ERP systems such as Workday and Peoplesoft.

KEPR was designed from the ground up to reduce time in the field and remove friction from every step in the inventory process. It was also designed to be about as bulletproof as you can get from an audit perspective as it requires a barcode to be scanned, a picture taken if not tagged, and assigns a GPS coordinate at the time of asset verification. Plus, it works seamlessly for both centralized and decentralized inventory approaches:

In the decentralized approach where each Department performs its own inventory, designated department contacts are emailed a link that takes them to a list of assets needing to be located. One by one, they scan or enter the asset tag or serial number, take a picture if there is no tag, or tell us if the asset is offsite or retired.

If you’re using a centralized approach, where your Property Control Department performs the majority of the inventory, KEPR also can work offline and read RFID or barcode tags via its companion app and then sync when there is an internet connection. Once you are down to the handful of assets you can’t find, flip KEPR into department mode, and it will notify the designated department contacts requesting assistance from your staff who actually know where the equipment is located. 

The bottom line? KEPR has taken what can be a painful capital asset inventory process and turned it on its head, and believe it or not – made it unusually pleasant.

We’ve already started rolling out KEPR to our clients and would love to show you how it could improve your asset tracking and inventory process. Just reach out to us here.