VRSA Insurance Appraisal

July 14, 2022

VRSA insurance appraisal

Like many of their insureds, this member owns and operates a complex wastewater treatment facility. Understanding the treatment processes and how to accurately record and value them is what our team does best. There is no “shortcut” methodology for the proper valuation of water and wastewater assets – they require years of industry-specific experience and a detailed component approach. We are grateful for our 17-year association with this successful and growing program.

This client video walks you through the entire fieldwork process and explains from the insured’s perspective the many benefits of this service. HCA’s detailed process includes:  

  1. An initial meeting to review existing property schedules and the plant layout.
  2. A quick tour of the facility to become familiar with the physical structures and processes.
  3. We then take a deeper dive into the blueprints to gather additional information and specifics of buildings. 
  4. After the initial meeting, we work independently to conduct the appraisal inspection, structure by structure. 
  5. Once the fieldwork is complete, we conduct a thorough review of the data to ensure our information is complete and accurate.
  6. After the valuations have been applied, there is another review prior to finalizing the reports. 
  7. Once everything is complete, we provide a detailed report and summary report (like the one pictured below), plus full export of our data. 

If you have similar exposures that keep you up at night, let our team assist with a thorough review and solid recommendations for solving your ITV quandaries. Below is a sample of our report deliverables, and these can be customized for your specific needs.

If you have any questions about our insurance appraisal work in the field, you can learn more about our appraisal services here.