insurance appraisals

For property insurance to properly mitigate risk, regularly scheduled, onsite insurance appraisals need to become part of your plan. At HCA, we specialize in creating accurate insurance appraisals which are customized to optimize coverage and minimize your risks. 

Our insurance appraisal services include: 


  • Reproduction and/or replacement cost analysis options (including historic properties)
  • Customized underwriting objectives (primary and secondary COPE data collection)
  • Complex utility property valuations
  • Report customization for underwriting (buildings, contents, EDP, and site improvements)
  • Personal property valuations (modeled estimates or detailed proof-of-loss inventories)
  • Annual valuation updating service options, including onsite components 

Why this matters:

Better data means better outcomes. If your property underwriting data is inaccurate, out of date or incomplete, you could be overpaying for coverage, or worse, leaving yourself exposed with undervalued property. Having comprehensive, accurate data is today’s key to unlocking more favorable rates.

Our experienced team of appraisers will take the time to understand your needs and analyze your risk, then employs a customized, comprehensive approach to value your properties accurately. We’re here to see that you get the absolute most out of the appraisal process, and never pay more for insurance than you should. 

How we can help you:

  • Ensure you’re properly covered. Our experienced consultants work with you closely to arrive at accurate, up-to-date values.
  • Secure accurate rates (including potential credits) with updated values, expanded COPE, and secondary data collection.
  • Meet your underwriting objectives through tailored data collection, flexible property valuation options, and custom reporting.
  • Easily prepare the reports you need—print, upload or export with ease.
  • Simplify the renewal process with automated workflows and our annual valuation updating service.

Ready to experience the power of accurate data? Reach out to us today.