why we appraise

HCA specializes in onsite property inspection and insurance appraisal services for a wide range of large property portfolio customers. The specific drivers for each client can vary, but there are common and interrelated themes in each engagement.

Why do we appraise?

Underwriting and management objectives:

    • Independent, third-party verification. In these days of wild property valuation swings, insurers, brokers/agents, and other consultants are increasingly happy to let independent appraisal firms opine on significant property values. 
    • Accurately value property (ITV issues). It’s been estimated by multiple sources that as many as 70% of commercial structures may be undervalued. 
    • Eliminate coverage concerns. “Will I have enough?” OR “Am I paying too much?”
    • Consistent presentation of data in SOV. Your underwriter will love this!
    • Analyze concentration of values. Insurers are now drilling down on aggregate property values within a specific geographic region.
    • Ability to assess flood zone and other hazards. Documentation of flood zone and distance to other hazards is vital for accurate underwriting.

We understand the risks you’re facing and are here to assist you in the appraisal process to leverage all that information. Accurate property data can save you time and money on your next renewal. 

We’d love to partner with you to give you confidence in your premiums, make you feel proud to report your data to management, and mitigate unwanted risk. 

Let’s talk today.