asset inventory system

Benefits of Using a Fixed Asset Inventory System

Fixed asset accounting is often a daunting task. We have assembled a team of asset accounting experts to create the most user-friendly and flexible asset inventory system available.  Meet KEPR.  KEPR was developed in house out of the need…
insurance appraisals

Reduce Your Risk Through Accurate and Impartial Insurance Appraisals

For property insurance to properly mitigate risk, regularly scheduled, onsite insurance appraisals need to become part of your plan. At HCA, we specialize in creating accurate insurance appraisals which are customized to optimize coverage and…
Challenges of Property Appraisals

Challenges of Property Appraisals in the Water and Wastewater Industry

Accurate coverage begins with proper recording and data. However, in the water and wastewater industry, there can be a few challenges with property appraisals.  You can find a full breakdown of this information in our recent contribution…