Why is Capital Asset Reconciliation Important

Why is Capital Asset Reconciliation Important

Reconciliation is an important part of capital asset management. At HCA, we believe that reconciliation is a critical step in the inventory process because it ensures that the most accurate data possible is delivered. Once all buildings have…

RFID VS Traditional Methods

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is revolutionizing the way assets are tracked and located. If you’re still using traditional methods such as barcode scanning, now is the time to understand the difference that RFID can make…
capitalize acquisitions

Questions to Ask When Determining Whether or Not to Capitalize Acquisitions

The concept behind capitalization is to spread out the expense of the benefit throughout the duration the benefit is received. The useful life represents the anticipated duration of the benefit the acquisition will provide. However, it’s not…
asset inventory system

Benefits of Using a Fixed Asset Inventory System

Fixed asset accounting is often a daunting task. We have assembled a team of asset accounting experts to create the most user-friendly and flexible asset inventory system available.  Meet KEPR.  KEPR was developed in house out of the need…
capital asset records for your university

Capital Asset Records for Your University

Are inaccurate capital asset records costing your university time and money?  Capital assets typically represent one of the largest line items in a university’s balance sheet. Accurate fixed asset records can yield measurable increases…