Client Story: The Powerful Impact of RFID Tagging

September 19, 2022

Capital Asset Management
The Powerful Impact of RFID Tagging

Recently, our Capital Asset Management team, led by Greg Sheahan, had the opportunity to test our RFID and KEPR technology onsite at a university. Take a deeper look at what happened from Greg’s perspective: 

I recently had the opportunity to personally test the technology on a client site that we had previously converted from barcodes to RFID tags. After we completed the baseline RFID tagging effort, we returned to perform their 2-year cycle count inventory.

My first stop in the morning was at a server room, with more than 400 items assigned to the room (servers, blades, racks, etc.). An inventory of this space with barcodes would typically take a minimum of 8 hours. We completed the full inventory and reconciliation in about an hour and a half, without having to touch anything, making the IT coordinator who let me into the space extremely happy.  

I then went through multiple labs and research spaces, where I was able to scan and account for all items on lab benches without having to crawl over or touch the equipment. Because I was also utilizing the reconciliation feature on our KEPR software, I also was able to reconcile and account for items that had moved locations and update the information instantly. 

In addition, in the research spaces, I was also putting RFID tags and recording pertinent information on newly acquired capital items in conjunction with the inventory effort. Throughout the day, there was one item that I couldn’t find when I hit the reconciliation feature on the KEPR software. Luckily a grad student working in the lab knew exactly where the item was hiding and showed it to me. It was completely tucked away in a cabinet drawer in a case surrounded by foam. 


All in all, it was a very successful onsite visit due to the power of RFID technology and our KEPR software. To learn more about how RFID can save your institution time and money, click here.